Raise Awareness

Use GenderTimer to raise people’s awareness about how gender discrimination happens.

  1. GenderTime a meeting or a TV show.
  2. Then let people guess how much women and men talked.
  3. And then you reveal the GenderTimer result.

What often happens is that both women and men think that men have spoken less than they actually did, and overestimate how much women talk.

This discrepancy between how much we believe women and men talk and how much they actually talk, is just as interesting as the result. The discrepancy shows us that we are not aware of all the gender differences that we contribute to.

And that is actually at the core of working for gender equality. Gender discrimination is seldom the result of people’s awarely sexist behaviours. Even the most sexist men you can imagine would honestly claim that they don’t want to discriminate women.

Things move forwhen people realize that they are contributing to gender discrimination when Instead we need to address the more intricate gender discrimination that is done by people like you and me, and like people are most. Good women and men who are all for everybody´s equal opportunity independent, but who nonetheless carry out and reinforces perceptions.