What is GenderTimer

Develop your organization and your culture with Gender Timer!

Gender Timer is the app that measures speaking time by gender. It is used to raise awareness and initiate discussion about who gets to talk and who is heard in a group. The aim is to develop your organization’s ability to benefit from the minds of everybody and not just a few.

Most people believe that speaking time is equally distributed, even when in fact men talk the most. Measuring the actual airtime with GenderTimer and comparing it to people’s estimates often lead to eureka moments, when people realize that they and their organizations are contributing to gender inequality even though they don’t want to.

GenderTimer is developed by Swedish leadership consultants Kichisaga Leadership. For us, the goal is not for women and men to share the airtime 50/50 in every situation. But rather to create more awareness about when and how often the distribution is uneven – and to initiate honest reflections about who is dominating your discussions and how you can be even more inclusive.